Fernando Candelario, first generation winemaker started his journey at Robert Mondavi in the 90's, where he learned the secrets of wine. After a few years he eventually decided to venture out and go smaller, he started his new venture working for T-vine as a cellar master and winemaker assistant in 2001. Fernando became head winemaker for T-Vine in 2007 but started making wines under the Voces label since 2002. It wasn't until 2012 that Fernando decided to focus 100% on his label.   

Voces meaning "Voices" is the manifestation of one mans dream of hard work, success and reward. This wine is made with heart and soul from high end vineyards in Napa Valley. Small boutique batches of this intelligent and artfully crafted wine are created each harvest and meticulously cared for throughout the year.

Voces wines are aged in American and French oak barrels for 12-18 months and then cellared, to bottle age for an additional 2-4 years. This small production, "Boutique wine" is produced from grapes of exceptional quality, sourced locally in the Napa Valley. Using vineyards producing world renown wines. Voces has been working with the same vineyard owner for years and locked in the price to pass the savings to you.

As a company, Voces Cellars is very simple. Run by Fernando and his family, this has been the key for the company's success.