Frediani Vineyards

The Frediani family has been growing some of Calistoga’s best grapes for over 100 years! Jim has more knowledge about growing grapes in the cuff of his jeans than most would attain in a lifetime.

The Frediani Vineyard is truly a museum of old vines and long-forgotten Napa Valley varietals. We have known the family since 2001 and acquired some of the best fruit in the valley.

 Smack dab in the middle of the valley floor, these vines sit in rocky gravel and bale clay loam soil and experience brutally hot days and chilly nights. This variance in temperature produces incredible lush, intense fruit. These unique conditions, in the hands of somebody like Jim Frediani, are the recipe for masterpiece after masterpiece. The reason our wines are never blended with any other valley fruit, 100% Frediani Vineyards!