Wine Club



Membership Benefits:

Priority access to new releases before they are released to the general 
Access to wines not sold to general public.
20% Discounts on all wines. (Except library wine.) 
No limits on current release purchases.
Private tastings.
Be our special guest at our events.


    Exclusive access to our library wines:

    We have been stashing a very small quantity of our vintages and varietals for our wine club members.

    Very limited quantities of these exceptional library wines.


    Members can still get:

    2004 Cabernet Sauvignon

    2005 Cabernet Sauvignon

    2009 Black Label Old Vine Zinfandel


    Wine Shipments:

    3 shipments per year

    3 wines per shipment.

    Taste our new releases before they get to the market!

    Prior to shipment, you will receive a release letter or email describing the wines and approximately when they are expected to ship. Your shipping information and tracking numbers will be emailed to you. 



    There is no membership fee to join the club.

    You will only be billed for the cost of the wine and for shipping.

    Prices will vary according to which wines are shipped. Shipments will vary.

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