Voces Cellars focuses on a single goal: to produce extraordinary, 100% single varietal wines. Guided by the vision of our winemaker Fernando Candelario and his “Maestro” Greg Brown, Voces Cellars is the culmination of the one man’s dream, hard work and success.     

Every cluster of Voces Cellars’ grapes is hand-harvested and sorted: any leaves, stalks, or bugs are discarded. We keep “imperfect” clusters as they add complexity to our wines. Clusters are sent to the destemmer and into stainless steel fermenting tanks. Providing a sterile, cool, and gentle beginning to the winemaking process.


 Our wines go through a few days of cold soak, this allows our grapes to extract more color, weight, tannins and flavors. Once we are satisfied with this processes we start primary fermentation. Fermentation and maceration need never be rushed as the wine is pampered through the whole winemaking process. The long, warm maceration in temperature-controlled tanks draws out complex rich flavors and extra color and backbone from the skins.

Once the primary fermentation is complete, the free-run wine will flow into new French oak barrels; the remaining skins and seeds go straight into a bladder press.

Once in the press, the skins, seeds, and pulp are lightly pressed. Like the free-run wine, the pressed wine is put into separate barrels to be aged. To provide structure and backbone to the wines, a portion of the press is added to the final blend.

Once the wine is safely in barrel, secondary fermentation takes place which will allow the wine to soften up and extract some interesting and delicious flavors from the wood, this is also the time where topping, racking, and fining processes begins. During the aging period, Fernando constantly tastes from each barrel, evaluating the effect of the wood on the wine.  

Fining, which occurs after the final racking in tank clarifies and polishes the wine. Illustrating the hand-crafted nature of Voces Cellars, fresh egg whites are added carefully to attract the small particles that would otherwise remain in suspension.

After about a year and a half in barrel, the wine undergoes rigorous blind trials and the final blend is selected. Filtration occurs at the time of bottling.

Voces Cellars’ wines receive an additional two year of bottle age before the wine is released— some three years after harvest. Wines are not released until Fernando is satisfied with the finished product and they are ready to be enjoyed.